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Our customers are the core of our business. We pride ourselves in being friendly and personable. This is how we create good and long-lasting relationships with our clients


Transport and More

We offer a variety of services. Even though transport is our passion, we also offer picking, packing and even storage. From 1 pallet to 100 pallets, no job is too big or too small

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    About Misiti Logistics

    Based in Melbourne, Misiti Logistics is here to help make all your logistics needs easier. We specialise in providing transport services that are always dependable – helping your business thrive. We have a clear focus on quality service and improving your company’s supply chain functions. Delivering flexible logistics and distribution solutions that will save you time and money is what we do best. All our services are streamlined to ensure that only the highest standards are achieved and your materials and products will reach their destination more efficiently than ever.


    Successful Businesses

    Successful businesses are built on the foundation of trust and reliability. No matter how big or small your product is, our full-service warehouse will store it until it’s ready for its next destination.

    Paired with our user-friendly IT logistics tool, you will know the exact status and location of your items at all times, even as it flows through our interstate delivery network

    Trained & Qualified Staff

    Our fully trained and qualified staff will always strictly follow OH&S regulations to protect the wellbeing and integrity of your shipments. We care about every delivery, package and pallet because we know it’s important to your company.

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